Community: Finishing up the trax?

Aug 09

Kofi posted this message on his Facebook page.....Sounds like there could be a DT&ST album pretty soon

Kofi Burbridge " ...finishing up the trax.."

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the news of the band taken a break shocked me untill i saw the results of the work they have created lately. I love midnight in harlem and space captain is my new favorite song. the combination of susan's voice, mike's voice ,and derek's guitar is sublime. truly beautiful.

I saw that too Ritchie. Looking forward to what it brings!

I'm hoping they include either the version of Space Captain from Herbie Hancock's album or record a new one, I've really grown to dig that song, I don't think the album would be complete without it!

Me too Danny, but unfortunately (or really fortunately I guess) since it's on the new Herbie Hancock album, The Imagine Project, I would be surprised to see it two places so close in time.

For fun, check out the original (it was written by one of the guys who sang in Mad Dogs & The Englishmen - a great album): <a href="" title=""></a>

As usual, Trucks and Tedeschi cover it just beautifully.

Nice post Nathan. Joe Cocker is an amazing singer!

I agree, he is man, and hearing the original again really makes me wish I could hear Mike sing it, with Cocker's gritty vocals..

Thanks for the little review of The Imagine Project. I'm looking forward to getting it (which probably won't happen for several months....).

The Imagine Project is worth buying Danny. For me it was worth it just to hear Herbie Hancock put his stamp on some covers. I don't like the singer Pink singing on the album but if you can get past that then it's a worthy purchase Smile

No Fall Tour, like Kofi said working on the album. Would like to see Midnight in Harlem, Don't Drift Away, I've Got a Feeling, Space Captain, Love Has Something Else To Say, Corrina, Comin' Home and Nobody's Free. All these pretty much in the rotation for the short summer tour.

Call the album Family Affair

On the new album, I want to see Don't Drift Away, Midnight in Harlem, Find Your Way Home, and That Did It

Then, I don't want to have ever heard any of the other stuff...

Surprise me Derek... give me some more of those new tunes you say you have piled up. I enjoyed the stuff from the summer tour, but it is familiar now... the Falcon told me you have all kind of stuff that nobody has even heard yet. Record those tunes, do it well, and I will buy it with a smile on my face.

Let me hear some more Ryan Shaw in the mix too and a few Nigel screams (love the Rhodes on Midnight in Harlem)... Should call up Kranso and do a "funk duel" with that cat (Kofi and Oteil would killllll on that); now, that would be a great album surprise.

I'm hoping for at least 15 or 16 tracks on this album. The eight songs listed below and also maybe 6 to 8 brand new tunes as well. Sounds like they have plenty of material to choose from.

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